Welcome! Healthy Balanced Motherhood is a platform for expectant mothers and partners, new parents, and birth professionals. Here you will find evidence-based resources and information on pregnancy, birth, postpartum, holistic health + nutrition and beyond. I help expectant mothers set realistic goals to help them lead a healthy pregnancy, discuss their labor and birth options, and create a birth preferences list that aligns with their beliefs and values. During the postpartum period, I provide support to help parents adjust to their new roles and answer any questions that may come up about newborn care.

If you’re looking for an easy way to learn more about pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and parenthood, check out the Healthy Balanced Birth and Beyond Podcast! The episodes include brilliant guests that share their knowledge and personal experiences with us on a variety of topics. Episodes go live weekly on Fridays at 8 AM EST.

Pregnancy, Birth + Postpartum coach | Holistic Health Educator | Gentle Parenting Advocate

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Local resources


Katie Pedrick of V.I.B.E. Acpuncture
Licensed acupuncturist and herbalist, additional training in Women’s health and fertility
Point Acupressure App
An acupressure app created by Katie Pedrick to make the benefits of acupuncture more accessible and affordable. It includes pregnancy, labor and postpartum acupressure points and even has a section for pediatric acupressure!
Ali Vander Baan of Yintuition Wellness
Licensed acupuncturist and herbalist, additional training in Women’s health, infertility and pregnancy
Herbal Salve


Dr. Julie Graves of JG Chiropractic
Dr. Graves has experience working with women during pregnancy and postpartum, children and even animals! 

prenatal yoga

Emily Masnoon is a Yoga Teacher, Intuitive, and Energy healer who has been working with expecting moms in the Boston area since 2010.
Universal Power Yoga
Rooted Boston


Shirley Anne Photography
Maternity, Birth, and Newborn Photography
Ashley O’Connell, Document Now Photography
Birth and Lifestyle Family Photography

These are some of the wonderful, local connections that I’ve made in the Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum community since becoming a doula. If you are looking for more specific resources, please send over an email to olivia@healthybalancedbirth.com!

pre & post-natal exercise

Kayla Mehr of Your Fit Mom
Missy Sullivan of Core Redefined

lactation consultants

Julie Brill of Well Pregnancy

prenatal massage

Health & Wellness Support

Sarika Arora of AUM Healing Center
Function Medicine Doctor
Susan Marchioni of Maternal Mental Health & Wellness
Perinatal Mental Health Counselor

Pediatrician, Postpartum Coach and Motherhood Mentor

Ariana Witkin AKA Mama MD started her coaching and consulting business after the birth of her daughter and experiencing firsthand, the lack of coordinated care and support for new mothers. She is passionate about educating, empowering and holding space for women during this most sacred time and important transition. 

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