Allow me to introduce myself

consigli_170819-2-387.jpgHello beautiful humans,
My name is Olivia, I’m 27 years old and I just launched my own business. This is my first, official blog post and I honestly can’t believe it’s taken me this long to write one.  I have been procrastinating writing for months because I was so concerned with how my site/blog looked and wanted it to appear “perfect”. I had to remind myself that nothing will ever be perfect; accept it and move the heck on. The other day I was scrolling through the “notes” section of my phone and came across a HUGE list of topics that I want to write about. I stopped and asked myself: “Why the hell am I not writing?” Answer: because I was so worried about other peoples thoughts and opinions. It’s something I struggle with all the time, worrying about what other people think. I’ve come to the realization that not everyone will agree with me and that’s something I have to be okay with. On the other hand, I’ve read TONS of blog posts that I could relate to, that completely changed my mood, or left me wanting to learn more about the topic. In those situations, I’ve felt compelled to thank the blogger for sharing their beautifully written words. That’s what I hope to do for those of you who do take the time to read my blog. 

I thought it would be fun to share some facts about myself before diving into writing about the MANY things I’m passionate about. So here goes nothing…

1) I live in the suburbs of Boston with my fiance, Justin and our sweet dogs, Baxter & Rosie. We are getting married next Spring!

2) I am a rescue mama, both our pups are adopted – Baxie is originally from Tennessee and Rosie is from Texas (if you ever mention that you are interesting in getting a dog I will BEG you to save a sweet baby, rather than buy one)

2) I am ADDICTED to dark chocolate and Kombucha (seriously, ask my fiance – who usually catches me eating a piece or two first thing in the morning. My day simply doesn’t feel complete without drinking a booch)

3) I have eight tattoos (so far) and every single one of them holds meaning (don’t judge a book by it’s cover!)

4) I haven’t always been a nutrition nerd/health nut (my shift in lifestyle, mindset, diet and exercise changed about a year after college)

5) I LOVE kids. I have worked with children since I was thirteen years old. At times they can be difficult and test your patience, but watching them learn and grow is truly incredible. (And sometimes the things that come out of their mouths are absolutely hilarious)

6) I am and always have been a book worm. (Growing up, my cousin and I used to have a contest on our family vacations: who could read the most books in one week. There have been SO MANY nights that I’ve chosen reading over sleep, simply because I couldn’t put the book down)

7) I am always taking pictures – of anything that catches my eye (The camera roll on my phone mostly consists of pictures of Justin and I, our pups, food, the outdoors, my friends & family, or screenshots of random things. I’m also constantly running low on storage)

8) I can rap almost every Nicki Minaj song out there. (I went through a HUGE Nicki phase in college – still love her)

9) I LOVE FOOD. I have never been a calorie counter and I never will be. If my body is craving something, I will eat it. (Like they say, “everything in moderation”)

10) I am NOT a fan of taking medicine unless it’s 100% necessary. (If there is a natural or holistic way to go about healing my body, that’s ALWAYS what I want to try first)


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