Chlorophyll? More Like Borophyll

Benefits-of-Epsom-Salts-Chlorophyll-and-Chlorella-Tablets.jpgI’m sure you guys are all familiar with Chlorophyll after learning about it back in elementary school, right? If you can’t remember, I’ll give you a brief summary –  Chlorophyll is what absorbs light and creates energy during a process called photosynthesis within a plant. Without it, plants wouldn’t be able to survive. So not only does this incredible pigment give plants life, but it is also a superfood that can positively impact your health in a variety of ways.

I recently became interested in Chlorophyll after learning that it has been used as an effective natural remedy for headaches. You guys know I’m all about holistic remedies and using food as a form of medicine rather than ingesting prescriptions (unless absolutely necessary of course). How does Chlorophyll help ease the pain of headaches and/or migraines? By simply bringing MORE oxygen to the brain. You see, one of the main causes of headaches and migraines is due to a lack of oxygen flow to the brain (amongst numerous other causes). Therefore, if you start making Chlorophyll a part of your daily routine, it should actually help prevent them! Can I get a hell yeah?! Taking a plant-based supplement rather than an aspirin or ibuprofen daily will have absolutely have positive impact on your body and overall health. You can take a Chlorophyll supplement in one of two ways: 1) solid form or 2) liquid form. (P.S. – it is also found in any leafy greens and green veggies that you eat; ex: Spinach, green beans, etc.)

Now let’s move on to how Chlorophyll can help your skin. Like I mentioned earlier, it is a superfood – meaning that it provides your body with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Just like Chlorophyll helps bring more oxygen into your brain, it also helps your skin breathe. In case you don’t know, antioxidants can stop the production of free radicals by preventing the oxidation of other molecules AND it can help slow down cell damage. Chlorophyll also contains anti-viral components which helps our skin heal faster when applied topically. All of these factors combined contribute to creating healthier skin!

Other health benefits of Chlorophyll include:

1. Improved Digestion (reduces constipation by naturally speeding up the elimination of waste)

2. Weight loss (studies have shown that it boosts metabolism and helps you feel full for longer)

3. Liver Detoxification (naturally detoxes heavy metals and harmful toxins from our body *if you want to get into the science of it: by increasing phase II biotransformation enzymes)

4. Anti-Carcinogenic (studies have shown that Chlorophyll can actually bind itself to carcinogens within the body and block them from being absorbed by your body)

If you’ve been suffering from headaches, go pick up some Chlorophyll (whether in supplement, powder or liquid form) and give it a try. You can take it as a daily supplement or mix it in with water or even toss it in a smoothie! You can find plenty of options online and at your local vitamin store. If you’ve been dealing with breakouts, one of my favorite green skincare companies, Cocokind makes an incredible mask using Chlorophyll (all of their products use REAL ingredients) You can order it online or find it in your local Whole Foods.


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