Essential Oils for Aunt Flow


So as you all may (or may not) know, I decided to go off of birth control a few months ago. Since then, my hormones have definitely been a bit all over the place. My skin has also been impacted. BUT I don’t mind because I just want my body to get back to it’s natural state. One other thing I have noticed since being off of birth control is how intense my cramps have been leading up to and during my period. HOLY mother, I forgot that it was part of the reason I decided to go on the pill in the first place.

I learned a long time ago that taking Advil or Exedrin to ease the pain of cramps just doesn’t work for me. So I started researching other natural remedies to help. I’ve been using essential oils for years now to help with any symptom that comes up. And guess what?! They actually work! Unfortunately, there aren’t TONS of cases, studies or research to showcase their effectiveness (not yet at least). This is largely due to big pharma only testing the effectiveness of the drugs on the market. But that’s a story for another time 🙂 So, which essential oils can you use for cramps?

Let’s break it down for ya babes:

1. Lavender:

This oil is one of my personal favorites and has a variety of uses. Lavender can help improve blood flow within the body. Massaging this oil into your lower abdomen has been shown to greatly reduce the pain that comes along with menstrual cramps. Diffusing Lavender can also make you feel more relaxed by decreasing stress levels.

2. Cinnamon:

This oil is another great option if you don’t mind the strong scent that comes along with it. Massaging Cinnamon into your lower abdomen can help reduce inflammation within the body and therefore, aid in reducing the pain caused by cramps.

3. Chamomile:

This is another oil that helps calm the body and relieve stress. However, it also offers anti-inflammatory properties that can help relax muscles within the body. Meaning, it will help decrease the pain that comes along before or during your cycle.

4. Eucalyptus:

This oil smells AMAZING and always reminds me of the winter for some reason. Eucalyptus also offers anti-inflammatory properties, as well as being a strong decongestant. Therefore, it can reduce the pain of cramps during your cycle AND help calm any moodiness or irritability.

5. Rose:

First and foremost, anything that smells like REAL roses wins me over in less than a second. I’m OBSESSED. Now let’s talk about what Rose essential oil has to offer. It can help balance hormone levels within the body and also regulate the pain caused by cramps during your menstrual cycle. It also has calming properties to aid with any PMS symptoms.

6. Ylang-Ylang:

This essential oil is a powerhouse. Not only does it help calm mood swings, but it also helps slow your mind down and can even aid in the fight against anxiety. And of course, this bad boy can reduce cramps by helping the muscles within your body relax.

7. Peppermint:

This is another one of my favorite essential oils. I would say that I actually use this one the most often. Why? It is a natural remedy for headaches and pain. I rub it on my temples any time I have a headache or feel one coming on. It also aids in decreasing pain caused by menstrual cramps.

These are the three main ways I use essential oils:

Aromatherapy – by diffusing the oils into the air around you.

Massage – massaging the oils directly into your skin (I always recommend using a carrier oil with the essential oil to check your skin’s sensitivity level).

In a bath – what’s better than a nice bath when your body is tired, sore or aching? A bath using some of the best smelling essential oils that also offer relaxing properties. Just add some drops of the essential oil of your choosing into the bath tub as it is filling up and soak for at least 20 minutes.

Of note: be mindful of the essential oils you choose to use on your skin, in your home, and in the bath. Everyone has different levels of sensitivity. Always test the oils with a carrier oil to see how your skin reacts.


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