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Giving birth to my daughter changed me in the best way possible. I actually believe that it changed me in many ways, sometimes in ways I haven’t realized until someone points them out to me. When you give birth, you actually meet two new people – your sweet little babe, AND yourself, as a mother. A lot people don’t talk about the transition into postpartum and motherhood. We’re so focused on talking about the baby, how they’re eating and sleeping, what they’re doing from day to day, etc. Believe me, I totally get it, they are the most incredible and adorable little beings after all. (And is there anything better than newborn sounds, smells, and snuggles? NOPE!) But what about the mother? What about the mental, physical, and emotional changes a mother goes through on a daily, weekly, monthly, and hell, even yearly basis? We go from having our baby safe and warm in our belly, to having a piece of our heart on the outside, here in this crazy world we live in. Our hearts expand and our brains actually undergo massive changes too.

We begin thinking differently. We have that mama intuition. And I swear, every mom I know has a sixth sense about their babies. It’s absolutely wild. They just KNOW when something isn’t right. I think this is the area where I changed the most. I have always been a planner through and through – I do my own research and educate myself on subjects that I want (or need) to learn more about. Growing up, I loved reading, school, and was a crazy note taker. I’ve always been a fierce protector of the people I love and becoming a mother has magnified that immensely. I can’t even tell you how many nap times I’ve spent reading books about infant development or on how better myself as a parent. Or how many nights I’ve stayed up doing research so I can make the best medical decisions for my daughter as she grows up. In my eyes, there is NOTHING more important than this – especially when it impacts the overall health and well-being of my child. My heart, my world, my everything. 

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed that I’ve been talking a lot more about the importance of informed consent and medical freedom. I’ve been asking questios. I’ve shared my thoughts on our “health” care system. I’ve shared parts of my own personal health journey. I’ve talked about how much work needs to be done within the birth space. But can we also open up a conversation about how much work needs to be done within pediatric care? I’m going to preface this by saying that there are GOOD doctors who truly DO care about their patients. But there are also doctors who are simply in their roles for the profit. And whether you notice or realize it, hospitals and doctors offices are in fact businesses. I’m not talking about the ER or trauma care here. I’m talking about unnecessary “well” visits, the overprescribing of medication, the lack of individualized care, the pushing for immunizations (and the lack of discussion about the ingredients used in them and the potential adverse reactions they can cause).

I’ve felt the need to use my voice in regard to medical choice for a long time now. What’s compelling me to write this specific blog post? The flu shot mandate that Charlie Baker put into place on August 19th. This mandate requires that every child six months and up receives the flu shot in order to be able to attend daycare or school within Massachusetts – this includes remote learning. (WHAT?!) I’m not sure about you, but I am NOT OKAY with this. 

I am NOT okay with the government deciding what is being injected into the bodies of our babies. 

I am NOT OKAY with the fact that the government is dictating where our children will be able to go based on receiving a shot with an efficacy rate of below 50% for the past five years (  

I am NOT OKAY with the government thinking that they can go after our children. Why isn’t this flu shot being mandated for the staff and employees at the schools? 

Why is the flu shot being mandated for remote learning (which literally means that the children will be AT HOME, not around other children). 

WHY isn’t there any discussion about the fact that the flu shot is being marketed as “safe and effective” and recommended to pregnant mothers yet the insert reads “available data with Fluzone Quadrivalent use in pregnant women are INSUFFICIENT to inform vaccine-associated risk of adverse developmental outcomes”? 

This brings me back to the points I shared earlier – the lack of transparency and health choice within our healthcare system is despicable. Now we have to worry about the government taking away our basic human right to choose what goes into our bodies and the bodies of our babies? Whatever happened to sharing information about our immune system and what it needs to function best? Or discussing the importance of nourishing our bodies with food, vitamins, sleep, exercise, fresh air, sunshine, and water to keep us healthy? Or looking at the root cause of illness and making diet and lifestyle changes to heal instead of prescribing a medication (or multiple) that come along with a lengthy list of side effects?

I’m not here to tell you what choices you should be making for yourself or your family. I’m here to provide information about things that weren’t shared with me. I’m here to open up discussions about what health really is because we’re being told that we NEED a shot for this or a medicine for that. I’m here to advocate for medical freedom, informed consent, and for our babies. 

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