The Importance of Letting Your Baby Explore Food

Growing up, all I knew was that babies have breast milk or formula and then transition over to rice cereal as they begin to eat food. Since I have a background in holistic nutrition, I found it very odd that pediatricians recommended rice cereal as the first food for babies to try. Knowing that there were many other nutrient dense food sources that babies could try led me to begin my own research. Foods like pureed avocados, sweet potato, berries, peas, etc. This is when I discovered baby led weaning.

The concept of baby led weaning is essentially giving your baby the freedom to explore food independently, using their hands rather than spoon feeding them. I love this concept because it gives babies the opportunity to use a variety of their senses and explore food in a completely different way. I also loved the idea of baby led weaning because it meant that I didn’t have to cook separate meals, Lulah ate whatever we were eating! The only obvious difference was how the food was prepared (cut up/mashed). Another reason why baby led weaning was appealing to me was due to reports that showed that most baby food on the market contained high levels of heavy metals.

As a mother, keeping my daughter safe and healthy is of the utmost importance. This means introducing REAL, nutrient dense food that will provide her little body with the vitamins and minerals she needs to thrive. Ingredients matter. What goes into our little babies’ bodies matters, especially during the first few years of their childhood. Many of the jars and pouches of baby food you will find at your local grocery store are highly processed or contain stabilizers to prolong their shelf life. Knowing this not only motivated me to cook food for Lulah at home, but to also look for some less processed options. This is when I stumbled upon Little Spoon!

Little Spoon was created by parents who wanted to make sure that their babies were receiving quality, real food that was meeting their nutritional needs. Being a parent is overwhelming in general, with every little thing we worry about – food should not be one of them! I remember being worried about food allergies and the quality of food before Lulah began eating.

I was super excited when I found Little Spoon for a variety of reasons:

1) Their main goal is to provide you and your babe with real, quality food.

2) Their baby blends are all organic.

2) They have a huge variety of tastes for your baby to explore (single flavors and mixes!)

3) Their ingredients are on point (no artificial flavors, or preservatives)

4) They focus on using food as medicine (check out the “boosters” section)

AND as of today, Little Spoon just launched their new product line – PLATES! Lulah and I were lucky enough to try them before their launch. I was SO impressed with them. They used real ingredients, the food included in the plates tasted SO fresh, AND Lulah loved them. Not only are the plates nutrient dense and delicious, but they make meal

time super convenient. No mess, and they’re ready in minutes. A meal you can feel good about giving your growing little babe. We tried the unicorn power bowl, the beet superfood sliders and the broccoli bites plates! Click HERE to learn more and see if Little Spoon would be a good fit for your family!

PS – if you have any questions about baby led weaning or nutrition for your babe, please feel free to reach out. I love chatting

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