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A few of my favorites

A Few of
my favorites

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this is a local brand that I absolutely LOVE, the founder is an incredible woman and makes amazing products!

another product line that I love, uses real ingredients and has a product line specifically for babies!

a great company that focuses on using organic ingredients in their products that are safe during pregnancy, when baby arrives and postpartum

“Clean Beauty” is not just a fad, this is something that can impact the overall health of ourselves and our families. Being mindful of the ingredients in the products you use on your skin is especially important. There are many ingredients that have not been tested for safety. “Fragrances” included in personal hygiene products are known hormone disruptors. While paying attention to the products we use on our skin on a daily basis, we have to remember that our babies’ skin is even more sensitive. They are new in this world and it is important to use products that don’t contain harsh chemicals or unsafe ingredients. Below are some of my favorite brands that I use daily and are safe to use both during pregnancy and on your little one!


Before your little one arrives, you begin thinking about all of the “must haves”. Below I’m sharing some of the products we’ve used the most since our daughter was born. There are products for both mama and baby. 

diapering duty

Safe Skincare

Baby Wearing

Non-toxic Living

The ingredients of the products you choose to use in your home are JUST as important as the products you put on your skin, and the food you consume. Being mindful of the products you use to clean your home is especially important when you have a little one. Especially when they’re crawling around on the floor and putting everything they find in their mouth. Below are the brands we use in our home!

a local brand that I LOVE and use to clean our home, minimal ingredients including essential oils that are safe for both baby and mama.

discovered this brand while attending WELL Summit, it’s a multi-purpose, eco-friendly cleaning product line!

Organic hand sanitizer and hand soap

When life gets messy, we clean it up naturally

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