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Interested in learning more about holistic health and nutrition, pregnancy, birth, postpartum or parenthood? With a degree in Psychology, two holistic health and nutrition certifications, pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience - as both a doula and a mother myself, I have a variety of offerings for you. 

Healthy Balanced Pregnancy Consult Call: $100

45 mins-1 hour, how to lead a healthy pregnancy based on your specific needs, includes resources on nutrition, lifestyle and yoga!

Connection Call: $30

30-minutes, brief intro to myself and my work, how can I support you? Are we a good fit?

Birth Preferences Consult: $100/hr

What is a birth plan? Discuss any questions you may have, comfort measures, create a birth preferences plan that aligns your birth goals

Postpartum Plan Consult: $100/hr

What is a postpartum plan? Discuss any questions you may have, create a postpartum plan catered to your specific needs

Pick My Brain Call: $30

30-minutes, pregnancy, birth, postpartum, parenthood (send over 3 questions beforehand)

Vax Info Call: $100

1 hr, discussion of current immunization schedule, resources based on specific questions

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"I was very impressed with how well Olivia could follow my cues (both verbal and non-verbal) to create new avenues in her mind of how the process would go and how she could best support me. She cares about the relationship with her client and that is what made my labor with her a wonderful experience."
- Catrina Magee, birth client




“I think we were especially thankful for how much help and support you provided Poh. We didn’t know how much we would need that! I had hoped that he could be really involved in helping me - and because you were there to support him, he was able to do just that.”
- Michal Harris, birth client




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